Crystals are used for their many different properties. Crystals can we worn as jewellery or kept inside your pocket, if you’re a girl, a few keep them in their bras. You can make a crystal grid. Some crystals are very hard and are used for cutting tools like diamonds. Not only are they used for rings and other jewellery but they are also used for making saw blades and drill bits. Clear quartz is used in computers and in watches. Furthermore crystals can actually store data! How cool is that right? Also, they are behind a lot of our technology. LCD stands for liquid crystal display. From you phone to your t.v. to your computer, all the chips use crystals. You can actually program your crystals.

Selecting Your Crystal

When selecting your crystals it’s best to do this is person. Walk down the aisle of your favourite crystal shop. You will naturally be drawn to certain crystals. This is your subconscious telling you “hey you need more of this in your life.” When a crystal catches my eye I pick it up in my left hand and hold it for a little while. Let your intuition take over. As a matter of fact you might feel the crystal either get hot or cold. You might also notice other parts of your body reacting. As well as not feel nothing at all. The crystals I connect to are telling me I need more of that healing energy. Everyone is different, what works for someone else might not work for you. Last but not least, if there’s no connection it’s because you already have enough of this energy in your body.

Crystals have seven different structures

  • Cubic – Like Pyrite
  • Hexagonal – Like Apatite
  • Tetragonal – like Apophyllite
  • Orthorhombic – like Celestite
  • Monoclinic – like Howlite
  • Trigonal – like Quartz
  • Triclinic – like Kyanite

Cleansing Your Crystal

After you have purchased or ordered your crystals what do you do? You now need to cleanse them of the energy they picked up on their way to you. If you choose to use water you need to make sure the crystals you acquired are water safe. For example some crystals like Selenite will dissolve in water and can be very toxic. One method of cleaning crystals is a salt water bath. You can also use the salt entirely on its own. Use a bowl or if the crystals are small enough you can use a jar with salt. I usually put in enough salt in a water bath where I can see about a half inch on the surface at the bottom of the bowl or whatever container you are using. Over night works best, if your in a time crunch for whatever reason 1-5 hours works. Water cleansing is best if you live by a river, creek, stream, or the beach just make sure you have something to put them in where they won’t get swept away. The fun part is you can combine a few to these methods I’m sharing with you. Just use your intuition, what feels right for you.

Sun & Moon Energy

One of my favourite methods is sun energy. Because some crystals like amethyst fade you don’t want to leave them out for long periods of time. High noon is my preferred time, I usually leave my crystals out for about an hour. The moon is another of my favourites especially during new moon phase and full moon phases. You can also place your crystals under neath the earth to cleanse them. Other bigger crystals like amethyst and selenite work great for cleansing and recharging your crystals. My preferred method is using smoke to cleanse my crystals. I prefer to use white sage and smudge my crystals asking for my guides, guardian angels, higher self, spirit guides to remove whatever energy is in this crystal. You can also ask for this energy to go somewhere it can be used for good. I then use Palo Santo to seal and protect. Did you know you can even use Reiki and infuse your crystals with this divine energy. Last but not least is sound. Singing sound bowls are great for cleansing crystals. Remember I said you can combine methods? Try putting water in your sound bowl and dropping your crystal in there.

Charging Crystals

So you’ve cleansed your crystals, now what? Let the fun begin! Now you can charge your crystals. Other times to charge your crystals are when you’ve been using them for about a month. When your intuition is telling you “it’s time”. But also when you want to set a new intention for a specific use. When using the moon energy make sure you understand the different cycles of the moon. If you’re programming your crystal for anxiety you might not want that full moon energy. Pick a different part of the cycle that’s not as intense. think of the moon and sun as Yin and Yang. Moon energy is passive, feminine, intuitive. This is perfect if you’re charging crystal for a tarot grid, or for remembering your dreams, boosting your intuition for tarot readings. Using the moon energy will increase acceptance, healing, dreams, creativity, intuition, psychic abilities, and sleep. Sun energy is active, masculine, and logical. Great for generating abundance, confidence, stamina, and desires.

Programming Intentions

Now that you have cleaned and charge your crystals it’s time to program them. Now it’s time to really add some magic to your life. You can set intentions which your crystal will carry out. Clear quartz is the master healer, its structure makes it ideal for programming. On top of its natural abilities you can add something you want this crystal to do. Call on your higher self, angels, spirit guides, and even your ancestors to help you set the intention you wish to place into the crystal. Hold the crystal in your hand meditate and visualise your intention. You don’t have to be a guru or a monk to this. 10 – 40 mins is fine. Here are some of ideas for programming your crystals. You can use the for healing all parts of the body. Manifesting, attract whatever your heart desires. If you feel you need protection either physical, mental or spiritual. Sometimes we just want to attract certain kinds of energy into our lives. Yup! There’s a program for that too!

Crystal Grids

Now we’re getting into the really awesome part of using crystals. CRYSTAL GRIDS! Placing crystals in specific patterns amplifies and unifies their energy. The patterns you can create are endless. Using sacred geometry you can create a vortex of energy to amplify your intentions. For those of you on a budget or maybe you’re like me and spent it all on crystals and are eager to start working with a grid you can search for sacred geometry patterns online. You can also find grids printed on nice fabric on Etsy. My personal preference is the flower of life pattern. Within this pattern lie all the other patterns. Like crystals they have a repeating pattern that makes up their structure. These symbols have been known since the beginning of humanity to be powerful and hold the secrets of the universe. They are found in everything from our DNA, and continue throughout nature.

Make Sure You Have Enough Crystals

Once you have picked the purpose or intention for your grid you’ll need to enough crystals to complete your pattern. You’ll need a center crystal which will be the main source or type of energy that matches the intention you wish to place. This is what will be radiating outward. Then come your secondary crystals which help move this energy and start circulating it around the grid. Another thing you’ll need is a crystal wand to activate your grid. This is optional and you can simply use your finger if you do not have one. Trust your intuition, there’s no wrong way to activate your grid. As an example you can start with the center crystal and do clockwise circles around it like three or so then go to another crystal and do three circles around it. You can keep coming back to the center crystal or you can move to another crystal. There’s a really good short movie on Youtube by Spirit Science “The Crystal Movie” which will show you what I’m talking about.

Broken Crystals

But wait there’s more. As your collection grows eventually you will come across a broken, chipped, or one that’s cracking. When I find a broken crystal I look for a clean break meaning the crystal broke and there are no smaller pieces. This can also be fixed with some Crazy Glue Gel. Wait for the glue to dry and you can use a razor blade to carefully clean off the excess. If the crystal’s severely damaged and there’s too many small pieces, you can save them depending of the size and use them later for making jewellery. Another thing I do is I put the broken smaller pieces in the top soil of indoor house plants. Plants love the energy of the crystals. When a crystal is chipped you can carefully find how it fits back and use a very small amount of Crazy Glue Gel. When a crystal is cracking and you see a groove the crack is leaving you can use Crazy Glue Gel to fill the crack, after the glue dries use a razor blade to clean off the excess. If the crack is internal there’s nothing you can do.