Spiritual coaching and why it’s important

At the heart of each of us lies something deeper, something more profound than any of us can imagine. In other words spiritual coaching is the fastest and most secure way to ensure a full transformation of mind, body, and spirit. For instance, when an individual struggles with addiction they become disconnected from both the inner world inside them and their outer world around them. Another benefit of having a Spiritual Coach is it helps one reconnect with the divine, the self, other people and the world. Through the use of a spiritual coach, one can redefine and recapture a connection to a Higher Power of their understanding.

Spiritual coaching is also available for those who seek to understand themselves better and grow. I will work with you to help you overcome your fears, insecurities, past traumas and heal your inner child. My role will be to help you claim ownership of your life by getting to the root of the problem and starting the healing process. I support individuals who are ready to transition into the next phase of their life. Are you ready to discover your strengths and create your best life? Or are you looking to tap into your gifts? If yes, then I’m ready to help you lay down roots to gain that solid foundation so you can bloom.

As a spiritual coach I help you tap into your full potential and give you a new direction to take your life in. One where you can accomplish your goals and live your dreams. You will learn how to change your mindset and start manifesting the life you deserve and desire. You will gain a strong sense of purpose aligning you to your true authentic self.

Working with a spiritual coach

While working with a spiritual coach one works on eliminating shame and guilt created by addiction and in return raises self esteem and knowledge of their true divinity. For example, by defining and developing a relationship with a Higher Power, one is more able to repair their wounded lives in partnership with the world around them. In addition, as a spiritual recovery coach I also work on grief and loss issues. Which may have served as a reason for your addiction. It is important that while healing from these losses you will learn important tools to maintain a connection, through various prayer, meditation, art, nature, and journaling exercises. I employ a variety of healing modalities I am trained in.

My aim

Is to help you discover the greatest gift as oneself, by listening and mirroring your true self-love and acceptance. As a result, you as person suffering from addiction and pain can flourish and heal. Consequently when you sign up with me as a spiritual coach you will

  • Shift to a positive mind set.
  • Develop a sense of empowerment.
  • Understand your true purpose.
  • Uncover your internal blocks to happiness.
  • Discover your spirituality.
  • Understand who you truly are.
  • Learn to listen to your intuition.
  • Heal past wounds and traumas.
  • Learn to manifest what you want out of life.
  • Find appreciation and joy.
  • Navigate difficult life challenges.
  • Open up to love and compassion.
  • Live a richer more meaningful life.
  • Guidance on eating healthier food
  • Develop your spiritual gifts.
  • Learn to meditate.
  • Uncover your desires.
  • Bust through limiting beliefs.
  • Someone to talk to who you can trust in a private and secure environment.

How’s its Done

Embarking on a journey of healing is not a one-size-fits-all experience. Your path is unique, and that’s why I’ve crafted a personalized plan to guide you through the transformative process. Here’s a glimpse into the steps we’ll take together:

1. Discovery Session: Our journey begins with a deep dive into your unique story. During a Discovery Session, we’ll explore your challenges, goals, and aspirations. This is a safe space for you to share, and for us to lay the foundation for your healing journey.

2. Holistic Assessment: I’ll utilize my expertise as a Reiki Master, spiritual coach, and professional tarot card reader to perform a holistic assessment. This involves understanding not just the surface challenges but delving into the energy and spiritual aspects of your being.

3. Personalized Healing Plan: Based on our discoveries, I will create a customized healing plan tailored to your specific needs. This plan may include a combination of Reiki sessions, sound bowl therapy, crystal healing, and guidance using tarot and oracle cards as well as modern spiritual coaching techniques.

4. Guided Sessions: We’ll embark on guided sessions designed to address your unique challenges and foster a sense of balance and healing. These sessions will be a collaborative effort, ensuring your comfort and progress every step of the way.

5. Continuous Support: Healing is a continuous journey, and I’ll be with you beyond our sessions. Whether you need support, have questions, or want to share your progress, I’m here for you.

Your journey is a partnership, and this plan is a roadmap to guide you toward a more balanced and fulfilled life. If you’re ready to take the next step, let’s begin this transformative process together.

Some tools used

With spiritual coaching I use Reiki energy, crystals, sound bowls, white sage and Palo Santo to remove negative energy. As well as balance and realign your chakras. More importantly clean your aura. Furthermore we will cut the ties that bind you by cutting etheric cords. If you are open to it we can explore your uncharted self with the use of Tarot. Therefor we will work on building and maintaining motivation, coping with urges, managing thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and living a balanced life.

If you’re interested in a free consultation please fill out the form below and I will get back to you. Please leave your number or contact info in the text section. You can also book your map it out assessment at Facebook.com/chreikihealing