Check Your Baggage

A new year is within sight. Before embarking on the new road ahead make sure you check your baggage. Its time to release and let go of anything that you didn’t like from this past year. There is an old saying “out with the old, in with the new”. This is something I also take from day to day. You’ve might of heard of “don’t bring what happened yesterday into today”. It’s the same concept, however we’re scaling it up.

This is the time to put the whole year in review and see what lessons were here to be learned. In learning these lessons we can then carry the wisdom forward and not have to carry all that baggage. This is the best time to let go of anything that’s no longer serving your highest good. For example people, places, things, and situations might need closure or resolution. If that can not be found then peace of mind is priceless and its time to simply say good bye.

Tools of the trade

There is a few different tools you can use for letting go. Journaling is an awesome tool for writing it all out and releasing. Furthermore journaling allows you to take that paper with all the pain and hurt or whatever you’re releasing and burn it. You can combine this with a full moon and read it out loud to the moon/universe and at the end burn it to symbolise the letting go. Journaling allows you to really go within and see what you might of missed due to the struggles of everyday life. Now is the time to check your baggage. Write down the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and possibly even behaviours that are weighing you down.

Emotional baggage is a metaphor that refers to your negative, unprocessed emotions from past experiences. All different types of emotional baggage, if not taken care of, can negatively impact your current experiences and your relationships, your friendships, your family relations, your career, and so much more. This is your past literally coming back to haunt you.

The next tool I’ll be writing about is acceptance! You’ll have to sit down with yourself and start acknowledging your feelings. This in turn leads to processing why a certain experience made you feel a certain way. Once you get to the root cause you can pluck it from the soil. It’s already happened the only thing you have control over now is how you deal with it.

Time to move on

One of the most important things I’ve learned is to simply move on. Why continue to torture yourself reliving that horrible experience? Find new things to catch your attention. Put a value on what you’re carrying, is it worth it? For some people moving on is blocked by fear of the unknown. However the unknown is where miracles happen. The unknown is where all that untapped potential is waiting for you to discover it.

Practice mindfulness. Being in control of your thoughts means you’re in control of your reality. When a negative thought comes in, being mindful will allow you to remove it and replace it with a positive affirmation. If you need help training your mind you can take the map it out assessment with me and see if spiritual coaching is right for you. When you’re practicing mindfulness you’ll be able to check your baggage more easily.

Self love and shadow work also have a big role to play. Please take a moment to read those blog posts. Remember to love yourself and that means knowing you deserve better. Which in turn leads to setting healthy boundaries. IF you’re on the self care track and want to treat yourself with some healing jewellery at or get yourself a luxury piece of home decor with an intention at

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