The People You Meet On Your Spiritual Journey

The people you meet on your spiritual journey are there to help you grow. They might be there to reflect something about yourself that you need to be aware of. Each of them have a different purpose for joining you on your journey. There’s a saying that goes “when the student is ready the teacher will appear.” I feel the people we meet on our spiritual journey can be just that, teachers.

Whoever they are will always appear when the time is right. For instance, have you noticed when you ask for the next step the universe sends someone with the missing piece? This is because you’re ready. The people you meet seem to have a special connection with you because they hold something that they need to share with you or you with them. For example this could be a new mantra, meditation technique, maybe they know of the healer you’re supposed to meet. Sometimes this could be as simple as them sharing a book title with you. Other times this could be them sharing their life story with you so you can learn from their experience.

How Will You Know?

You’re probably wondering how will I know? You’ll know because the resistance will be very minimal. They will appear as if heaven sent and that’s because they usually are. Keep in mind that the people you attract into your life will match the vibration you’re putting out. If you’re vibrating at a high level you’ll attract the people who are also high vibrational. The key is listening to your gut and paying attention to your intuition. The connection is always there from the start. Sometimes though you’ll meet someone and not get along with them right away. That’s because one of you hasn’t adjusted to each others energy.

The universal laws dictate that everyone you meet in your life is based on cause and effect. We are energetically connected through the law of oneness. With each encounter we come to realise that they have something to teach us or us them.

Even the Bad ones?

Yes, even the ones we refer too as bad ones have something we can learn from. For example they might be there to teach us something about controlling our emotions or how to establish healthier boundaries. Or even about empathy and compassion. They too are on your spiritual journey however they aren’t meant to last. Thank goodness these encounters are usually brief. Life isn’t about the situation, it’s about how you choose to react to it.

Be Open to Receive

The hardest thing for some of us is being open to receive. Most of us are in a state of healing and can have some trouble opening up to new people. Again, this is about trusting and listening to your intuition. When you meet that random stranger and you feel something at an energetic level, be open to make that connection. The unknown is where miracles happen and you won’t know what their purpose is until you take that leap of faith. Everyone deserves that one chance, however it’s up to you to establish healthy boundaries and most importantly respect them yourself.

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