Ready To Heal?

After detoxing and flushing your system out it’s time for some shadow work. Are you ready to heal? Now is the time to start working on the pain that caused your addiction. What Is this you might be asking, Shadow work means we’re addressing the dark things in our lives that manifested into our addiction. This is the time to write a farewell letter to your drug(s) of choice.

For example

First, write down all the good times you had then write down all the pain and hurt this relationship caused you. Second, It’s time to say goodbye. Once you’re done with writing the letter you can do a little full moon ritual. Say your goodbyes ask for your high power, your spirit guides, your ancestors, or whatever you feel will carry this energy away. Now light the paper on fire and (please make sure you do this in a safe manner) as it burns down to ashes release this energy by saying you let go. Lastly let the ashes be carried away by the wind.

If you’re ready to heal another method you can use for shadow work is tarot. First, light some incense and a candle, you can also use white sage and Palo Santo to cleanse your space. Second make sure you have a journal to write in. Third get your Tarot deck and shuffle it until your intuition tells you its enough. As you’re shuffling focus on what you need to know to heal. The majority of the time your addiction stents from co-dependancy, inner child issue’s, past traumas, and loss. These aren’t the only contributing factors, there are many more. Now we’re ready to start slinging some cards. There are tons of spreads you can use for shadow work. Furthermore you can also create your own. Here are some examples of some questions.

Questions to consider

  • What does my inner child want me to know right now?
  • Why am I not listening to my inner child?
  • What am I hiding from myself?
  • Why am I unable to see it?
  • What no longer serves me?
  • Why does it no longer serve me?
  • What am I not seeing clearly?
  • What am I projecting onto others?
  • Where do I need help?
  • What is the source of my addiction?
  • What will the future hold once I remove this pain?
  • How can I move forward?
  • What are the next logical steps I should take?

Don’t think this is it.

There is still more work that needs to be done. You have so much baggage your holding onto that you probably don’t even remember. And then all this gets stuck in your subconscious mind and starts running a program that drives your addiction. If you’re in A.A. and are doing some step work you’ll learn about the 4th step. Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves. This is important because we have to be able to let go. As a result you will have a lighter load to carry around.

There are worksheets you can find online or you can make your own. Now the important part is to write down all the places, persons, and institutions that you feel hurt you in any way shape or form. You’ll need to understand your part in these situations. Most importantly forgiveness is key here. You’ll have to be able to let go of all resentment. Make sure you take your time on this, go as far back as you can remember. Another tip is to leave a few blank pages after this journal entry, you’ll start to remember things and when you do you can add them and process them. In conclusion you will always be adding to the list. Therefore this is a continuous process of letting go. Are you ready to heal? If you are please read other blog post at

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