Grounding techniques to recharge

Grounding Techniques To Recharge

In this blog post I’ll be covering grounding techniques to recharge. Some of you might not be familiar with grounding. Grounding is also know as earthing, and is a way to connect your energy with the earth. These techniques are simple, yet very powerful and have been proven to improve your overall health. Grounding and earthing can reduce stress, decreases inflammation, improves sleep, speeds up healing of wounds, reduces pain, and so much more.

How Does It Work?

The earth’s surface has a negative charge. When you make skin contact with the earth you exchange electrical particles with the earth. The earth’s energy is subtle and helps absorb our excess energy. Walking barefoot forms a connection where you exchange electrons with the surface of the earth.

Techniques To Try

Here are some grounding techniques to recharge for you to try.

  • Walk barefoot on clay earth or damp soil. You can also walk on grass.
  • Hug a tree
  • Swim in the ocean, lake, stream, river or creek
  • Meditate outdoors
  • Gardening
  • Take a salt bath
  • Work with crystals
  • Breathing exercises
  • Take a walk in nature
  • Get some exercise
  • Eat high vibrational raw living foods

Walking barefoot on wet earth or clay soil is one of my favourite techniques for grounding. You can feel the earth pulling energy out of the bottom of your feet. If you don’t get itchy you can also lay in the grass and form as much skin contact as possible. When I was in Northern California I was able to hug a redwood tree and the feeling it gave me was so mystical. If you’ve gone swimming in the ocean do you remember how you felt afterwards? I do! You feel so much lighter because of the salt in water helping the electrical current. You sometimes feel so relaxed you can just nap for a few hours.

Meditating outdoors under a tree or next to moving river or creek, if you find one a waterfall, the sound these produce is a healing frequency. Gardening is a great way to get your hand in the earth and connect with the electrons. Plant some new seedlings, or get your crops going. Another one of my favourites is taking a salt bath. Don’t just use any salt though, I highly recommend using Epsom salt. This is also great for sprains and bruises. Fill the bathtub up with enough water to submerge yourself in. Ideally you want the water to be as hot as you can possibly stand it. Use about one pound of Epsom salt. They make Epsom salts with a lavender scent to make it that much more relaxing.

But Wait There’s More

If you’ve seen any of my lives on Facebook you’ll see I have crystals around me at all times. I sometimes wear a necklace with some amazing crystals on it. Each crystal has its own set of unique properties. Remember that these little angels came out of the earth. If you’re looking for your own special little unique piece make sure to check out You can also read more about crystals and their special abilities on my other page about crystals.

Breathing exercises are very beneficial and there’s so many techniques you can experiment with. You can combine some of these techniques with one another to enhance the experience. Breathing helps you absorb the prana energy around you. Breathing exercises has been shown to increase focus and concentration. Breath work has been shown to mellow out the fight or flight response system.

Taking a walk out in nature is great way to ground yourself. Taking in the scenery, and absorbing the sunlight have shown to be of great benefit for the human body. One of my favourite metaphysical gurus is Dr. Joe Dispenza. In one of his books I learned about the walking meditation. Yes, you heard that right, you can walk and meditate at the same time. Further more, walking is exercise and I can’t tell you how much I love my morning walks in the woods behind my house. This is followed by 2 hour gym session. I can’t express what exercising has done to my mind, body and spirit. I highly recommend getting some exercise and releasing some pent-up energy.

Last But Not Least

Lastly we will discuss the importance of eating fresh raw high vibrational foods. These foods contain the suns energy and give you electrical protons which help you and your light body. It’s all connected, these little marvels collect the suns energy and absorb the photons. When we eat these foods they bring us great benefits. Japanese scientist have done a large amount of studies on this matter and have some interesting results. There are certain times when our body produce an electrical discharge and this can be measured by measuring your light body. The more raw vibrant foods you eat the more you fight off diseases and improve your overall health.

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