Manifest Your Dream Life.

If you can imagine it you can manifest it.

It took me some time to realize I was manifesting EVERYTHING in my life. Once this clicked I stated using this knowledge to my advantage. Then I realised the more I focused on the problem the more problems I got. And then I started visualising the things I wanted in my life. Don’t get too excited now, you can’t go from broke to millionaire over night. You are probably thinking this is a muscle you have to workout. If so you’re absolutely right. Are you ready to manifest your dream life?

Start by manifesting something small

A cup of coffee is a great start. Place that intent into the universe. Simply say dear universe I ask for a cup coffee or whatever drink you prefer. Then start visualising it using your third eye/minds eye. Can you smell the coffee? See the coffee? Can you taste it yet? Is it hot or cold? You have to visualize it exactly like you want it, all the way down to the cup it is in. Then be grateful for it like you would if you already had it. Sending out gratitude in this step is crucial. Once you’re done let it go into the universe and quit thinking about it. For most this is the hardest step. Next comes aligning yourself to receive.

You have to be in alignment to receive.

To manifest your dream life you have to match the vibration of what you’re trying to attract. How do you do that? Well that’s actually easy. The universe responds to gratitude. Start everyday and end everyday by being grateful for what you have. It’s really that simple! When you appreciate the small things the universe gives you more blessing to be grateful for. Next is change your mindset. You’ll hear me say this a lot. That’s because where thoughts go energy flows. Your subconscious mind is always sending singles to the universe. If you continue to live in fear you will continue to attract the same. Lastly, what signal you broadcast out is what you get back. For example have you ever been focused on your car breaking down? What happens the moment you forget about it? You guessed it, it breaks down.

What are you broadcasting?

Have you paid attention to your thoughts? First you have to catch yourself in the act. Second you have to process where that thought came from. Third you have to ask yourself why? Once you’re able to form a connection to the why things become clear. For example knowing where things come from reflects something inside of you you need to address. Furthermore this brings attention to underlying emotions you might not even be aware are running in your subconscious. If however you are not aware of these feelings and emotions you are self sabotaging without even knowing it. What this means is you’re sending a signal to the universe of something you don’t want and don’t even know that that’s why you keep attracting the same results.

You can apply all this to your recovery.

Lastly this is where meditation comes in. You don’t have to be a Yogi Guru to be able to do this. All you need is five minutes of alone time. Anywhere you can sit in a quiet place without any interruptions and focus on what you truly desire. Of course the more time you put in and the more detailed you are the better the results will be. Always remember the universe is always listening. Before we end I’d like to remind you to always be mindful of your thoughts. Make your you checkout more blog post at

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