One of the biggest lessons I had to relive recently was to surrender to the will of the cosmos. When we are in a state of fear we can not think clearly. You then lose being in the moment. We let our thoughts wander to a dark place and then wonder why these negative things manifested into our lives. More importantly we continue to attract the energy we broadcast. Sometimes we just have to surrender to the will of the cosmos.

We Are supported

We are guided and supported by the universe although we might not believe it or be aware of it. For example, how many times have you had a good situation turn bad? And what about the opposite, a bad situation come to be something good? When you go with the flow you take away the ability of the mind and emotions to control or try to control the outcome. You remain unaffected by the circumstances you are facing. By simply remaining present you are not allowing the past to affect your current situation and not trying to micromanage the future.

Stay In control

When we lose track of the the now we spiral out of control. We get lost in the emotions of what’s happening and our mind won’t let go of the situation and causes us more anxiety. So what can we do? Simply Surrender. There’s nothing you can do. What will happen will happen no matter how hard you try to prevent it. Stay calm and do not worry, know that everything will be alright. Because when you are scared, angry, upset, or feeling something else you lose the now, the current moment. For example think about when you’re having a great day and feeling happy, you’re not worried about the past or even thinking about it. Also you’re not thinking of the future because you’re enjoying the moment.

What to do when the shit hits the fan

Try and remain calm. Take deep breaths and exhale slowly. Regain control of your emotions. You want to be able to think clearly and not out of an emotional state of mind. Surrender your will to the will of the cosmos. Become the observer and observe rather than react to the situation. You signed up for this when you made the soul contract to live in this earthly realm. This is a lessons for your soul’s evolution. Knowing this is the biggest secret. It’s all about how you react to the situation. Remain in control if you lose it try to regain it.

If You Can

If you have an opportunity meditate and process what’s going on. Reflect on what you need to learn or what the lesson might be. Most of us only use prayer when it’s almost too late. Remember you can ask for help from your spirit guides, ancestors, higher self, or guardian angels. They are always waiting for you to ask for help. You have a spirit counsel at your disposal. Utilise it. And if you can remember the most important thing of all “this too shall pass.” This moment won’t last forever.

For some moments you can peak ahead and see the potential outcome of the options you have using the the Tarot. Please look at the Tarot section.

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