What's stopping you?

What’s stopping you?

What’s stopping you? I’ve had my wife recently ask me this yet again. I wasn’t able to think of an answer. It wasn’t until I processed this and thought about it when I got the feeling. A feeling that was strangely familiar. The answer was fear. But what am I fearful of? Then it clicked, the lightbulb went on, preprogrammed fear. Could it be years and years of preprogrammed fear?

Time to look inside

I started thinking about it and realised my whole life I was told I would never amount to anything. That all the activities I liked to do where only for the rich. Because these programs are running in my subconscious mind affecting me today. They are manifesting into blockages that are affecting me and preventing me from success. I finally understood that awareness of the situation is very important because you can’t change what you’re not aware of.

Put in the work

I realised what was stopping me was my fear of success. All this has accumulated over my whole life. And then it hit me I am letting these past experiences control and dictate my future. You guessed it, it’s time to change this thought pattern. Now it’s time to put in the work. You’re probably wondering what can we do about this? Let me tell you what you can do. For starters let’s start replacing these limiting beliefs with positive affirmations. Next we want to be mindful of our thoughts. Finally we have to catch ourselves thinking a negative thought and quickly process it and replace it with a positive affirmation.

Taking action

Now we have to stop our brain from the fear response. As a result will allow you to break this pattern of acting out of fear. This is important because we need to make the change and start living in the moment. Furthermore, we must focus on positive thoughts. I can’t emphasise this enough. For example, you have to replace the old programs with how you want to start living. One of the biggest tools will be using gratitude. Start by being grateful for what you want. Feel grateful for what you want to attract into your life and it will manifest faster. More importantly visually see yourself as if you already have acquired it.

Letting go

What’s stopping you? One of the hardest things to do is let go. First, find a way to release these feelings of inadequacy. Or anything else holding you back. The Reason for this is simple. If your hands are full you can’t catch any new opportunities coming at you. Secondly, you have to dig deep inside of you and see what programs are running in your subconscious. Thirdly you will have to replace them with positive affirmations. Most importantly you will have to release what shaped into this thought pattern. In conclusion this could be what your parents, teachers, family and friends all contributed to.

Time to make a plan

Most of the time we’re scared of the unknown. We don’t know what’s coming and we get stuck. First let’s start by making a plan and start doing something each day to bring you closer to your goal. Secondly, what can you do right now? This is like going up the stairs and not being able to see the top. However if we just go one step at a time we get closer to the top and more importantly we get comfortable and feel safer. As a result we tend to want to continue moving forward. Furthermore you shouldn’t be scared of what’s to come. In other words start embracing the unknown.

Things to ask yourself

What fears are holding me back? Where do these fears come from? How can I overcome these fears? Which steps do I need to take to release these fears? What do I need to focus on? Is there anything I need to be aware of? Furthermore How can I improve? If you’d like a tarot reading for this e-mail me or contact me via DM or WhatsApp. Also if you need a crystal charm check out Purenami.com

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