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Welcome to Ch Reiki healing. Thank you for taking the time to visit Ch Reiki Healing. I started this blog so I can share with you how I bounced back from a devastating rock bottom caused by my drug addiction. Here I will cover how I used Reiki, Tarot, Crystals, Sound Bowls, Meditation and Aroma Therapy to overcome my drug addiction. I will also share how I managed my cravings, changed my behaviour, and changed my mindset. Nutrition was a huge part of my recovery so I will also share how I changed my diet to a vegan diet.

A little about me

I was born in Mexico and at a tender age I came to the USA and I grew up in Southern California. I come from a small loving family. It was just my Mom, my sister, and me. I had a great childhood, my mom gave me just about everything I asked for. I just wish I could have given her something more in return. It took me awhile to figure out why I was escaping reality. One thing you need to understand is that we’re all different and have different programs running in our subconscious. These programs operate behind the scenes and influence your decision making if not control it. These programs are placed in your subconscious by teachers, friends, family members, parents, society and the media. It’s the reason why you keep dating the same people or experiencing the same results. Once you are aware of these programs you can start to re-write them and transform your life.

Never ending process

Healing is a never ending process. On my journey I realised it’s because we have so much pain we carry around. Most of it we’re not even aware of because it comes from such a long time ago. It’s very important to go back as far as you can remember and start letting go. Letting go means accepting the situation, it’s already happened and there’s not much you can do about it now. You can’t time travel back and change it. Once you get past this stage, others struggle with denial, you become more aware. This opens the door so that you can really start releasing this pain. You have to run this old program through the system one more time and re-live it as it passes through. Then comes another challenging step for most, forgiveness. Not just the person(s) that wronged you but also yourself. I will go into more depth as this blog continues to grow. I’d like to thank you and welcome to Ch Reiki Healing.


Let’s talk a little about some of the tools I used. Reiki is a healing technique that came from Japan around the late 1800’s. It was rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui. I say rediscovered because we know it’s been used in other civilisations that go back to hundreds of years of not thousands. It’s know by many different names such as Prana, Chi, Ki, Qigong, Quantum healing, and so many more. Doing 21 days of self Reiki opened and cleared a lot of the stuck energy that was causing disharmony. When you have a clog in your spiritual body it usually manifests into some type of disease in your physical body. This also helped relieve the stress, anxiety, fears, worries and doubts. It is a great tool to use at the start of each day. The five reiki principles are there to guide you daily. Just for today…. That made more sense when I started working a program like AA. All we have is right now, yesterdays gone and tomorrows isn’t promised. Because living in the moment is absolutely necessary when in recovery. If you’re new to getting clean and sober just focus on the now. If you can’t do something about your situation to make it better it’s out of your control.


The next tool is Tarot. This is a great way to really start doing shadow work. It gives you potential outcomes to decisions you’re facing. What could happen with option A or What if I choose option B. Tarot is a message from your subconscious. In todays modern age the Tarot has many uses from personal development, spiritual growth, divination, meditation, self awareness, to even coaching. The Tarot can show us what potential outcome we can expect for any given decision. Furthermore it can helps see our shadow self, shining its light in the areas of our life we need to see to understand.

Sound Bowls

I still remember the first time I used a sound bowl. I could feel that frequency blasting something away. They’re great for meditation and can be combined with your reiki practice. Meditation has so many different benefits. Because it’s very relaxing. It takes time to really learn how to quiet the mind but once you do you’ll learn to listen. All the answers to all the questions you have can be found within. Most importantly everything you desire, are looking for, want to change, want to attract, want to achieve is already inside you.


Crystals are amazing, since the first time I found a crystal I knew there was something special about them. Just the thought of walking into a crystal shop makes me happy. There’s a crystal for just about everything. For example, amethyst is perfect for detoxing and intoxication, it will also help with cravings and ease your mind at night. There are so many different ways to use crystals, you can wear them, use them in a crystal grid, put them in your pocket or purse, one of my personal favourites is meditating with them. As an example you can even place them in a jug of water and charge the water with them. Just make sure to look up your crystal and make sure it’s safe to submerge in water. Some crystals like selenite are not safe to use with water. In case you didn’t know they can be very toxic.

Clean and Sober

I am now over a year clean and sober. It wasn’t easy at first, there seems to be people that don’t want to see you get better. You might want to label them “haters.” However those “haters” were my motivation for my recovery. They added gas to my fire. You have to do this for you, no one else. You have to chase your recovery like you chased your addiction. It starts with your mindset. Change your mindset, whether you think you can or you can’t you’re always right. And then comes letting go of anyone that’s not supportive or is still using. Change your environment, inside and out. Believe in yourself! Because you can do this. Don’t give up! It might take a few tries, that’s okay, I didn’t get it on my first try. It took you time to learn to use and function on whatever you were using, it’ll take you time to learn to live without it.

I wish you all the best of your journey, may the light always shine bright on your path. Welcome to Ch Reiki Healing.

Christian F. Gonzalez-Reyes

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