When Enough Is Enough

How much can you afford to lose? How much more pain can you continue to cause to your friends and family that love you? When is enough, enough? If you’re new to using this might seem likes it’s a far way off before you even consider these questions. If you’ve been using for sometime you know you probably can’t afford to lose much more. What do you have left to lose? If you’ve lost everything, it’s not too late. If you’re new spoiler alert! It comes very fast! You probably can’t see clearly because you’re in too deep. Are you already stealing from friends and family? what about doing sexual favours to support your habit? As if that’s not enough are you not able to work because of your criminal record? These should be wake up calls yet we choose to ignore them.

Chemical Reactions

The dependency for this chemical addiction takes over. What about your kids? Do they see you using? Think about the long term impact on their lives by growing up in a house hold like this. How many times have you been in the hospital? How many times have you been beat up? Robbed? Stabbed? Shot? Rapped? I ask these questions to hopefully get you to see when enough is enough. I Lost so much in my addiction. For example my Friends, family, so many different jobs because I wasn’t able to function. Furthermore, I was arrested and sent to jail two different times. And then there is the damage that was done to my reputation as a healer. Losing my family hurt me the most. Eventually you start to look the part and even strangers can tell something is wrong.

Time to change

I knew I had to make a change. For me, it was the second time I went to jail. Thats when I realised this was it. At this time I was living out of my car and I was very lucky I posted bail. I finally understood that the judge gave me options and I didn’t really know much about the programs available. Then one night after realizing the people I thought were my friends were just looking for every opportunity to come up I had had enough. As I was driving my phone alerted me to a location. I believe it was divine intervention. It was for an A.A. N.A. facility. The second they saw me they knew I needed help. They understood. They had been there too!

Had enough yet?

You have to find out when enough is enough. Because sometimes we just need that final ass kicking before we get it. You have to do this for you not anyone else. You have so many resources available if you really want to quit. I hope none of you have to go that far and for that long. If you feel hopeless and feel like this is going to be impossible change your mindset. Whether you think you can or you can’t you’re always right. Most importantly don’t be scared to ask for help. Chreikihealing.com is here to help

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